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Yo, I heard you like denim vests

I thought “pity the foo” was too obvious a title. Just a little warm-up from a few weeks ago I meant to color a bit… still might when I get some time. Re-inspired by Rico Suave’s Mr T. Sketchbook that I drew in many many moons ago.

Also, thank you, Charlie Chaplin.

Back to work. Buckle up your seatbelts kids.


It occurs to me the more “professional” my career has become, the more my art supplies consist of highlighters, post-its and Sharpies. Some drawings from this week’s Dr. Sketchy’s LA, hosted at Titmouse, which is convenient, and also awesome. Featuring the lovely Mosh.

*images may contain (implied) nudity


Sneaking one in for February.

Some digital warmups, and some highlighter on a postit. Been reading thru Love and Rockets as I just got the 2 latest collections (Perla la Loca, Penny Century) in the mail. Also super into Starf*cker lately. Moar updates in March than there were this month I hope.

Something’s in the air

You’d think in this day and age, a government would be very very hard pressed to silence their ENTIRE COUNTRY. Egypt has cut off the vast majority (apparently almost 100%) of internet and cell communication in and out of, as well as within the country. Good thing paper and ink still gets around. Doodle referenced from this video: 01252011.

El Penguin

Kevin and I have been surrounded by El Tigre for days thanks to our temporary guest. Naturally I had to involve our own hapless penguin.

Walking the walk

Reboot 5.0? I forget how many incarnations I’ve had of this joint. First real overhaul in years though- had a lot of cobwebs to clear while figuring out coding and things. Fun in a mad scientist not eating meals or sleeping sort of way.

Still have to work out a links page, maybe a bio page if I feel like it and the galleries are in flux at the moment.

If anything is broken let me know- I tried to test in all the major browsers including Opera, which still glitches if you try to resize from the top of the browser, but I’m exhausted enough at this point to let that one go.

In any case, feels good to accomplish something I’ve been putting off for a while. WordPress really is a magical Pandora’s Box of goodies. Here’s a little super sleepy doodle to christen the site.


So after days of tweaking and research, I decided to scrap everything. About time for a real makeover anyway. It’s also around the time I do any kind of coding whatsoever on my site that I always remember how much Internet Explorer totally blows. Totally. Blows.

New site soon. IE sucks.

Penguin Down Under

Saw Sylvain Chomet’s new animated feature-The Illusionist, which was depressing as all get-out; and Summer Wars, which was pretty awesome. Tweaking more of the blog settings. It’s getting there… slowy. Excuse the mess!

Here’s another penguin, a’courting somewhere on the streets of Sydney.

Greatest Hits

A little warmup from the end of last year- was noodling a bit tonight and got a wee bit carried away. Just a bit.

Party like it’s 1928

Are we sick of penguins yet?

Also, the full set of cards I did for White Wolf’s Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Pecking Penguin

Another little cross-post from Chepeng.


Finally got around to making the switch to WordPress after blogger royally screwed anyone that didn’t publish to a blogspot address.

Still need to play around with it when I get some spare time- there’s a lot of polishing up to do- but for now, I think this nuts and bolts operation will do.

What have I been up to since August ’09 when I last updated my site with anything?  Well, I left my Storyboard Revision gig at Avengers (now airing, on Disney XD btw!) for a real Storyboarding gig at Cartoon Network on Generator Rex.  Left that gig a couple months ago after the season wrapped and just started at Titmouse on a new show called Motorcity.

There’s a lot of freelance stuff and life stuff in between, but that pretty much covers it.  What’s going on with ’76 and Jackie Karma?  Well, it’s still on the table.  I draw a panel here and there when I get a chance, but TV animation is a harsh harsh mistress.

In other news, Checkered Penguin is back up and running with some new members, and some plans in the works for the coming year.  For the moment, we’re doing a post a day, with members assigned to specific days.  I got Saturday, and here’s my little welcome back to Chepeng:

Space Cowboys

Do the Bebop Shuffle. Do it… for Asgard.

.print_Existentialism and Human Emotions

.sound_Phoenix | MGMT | MC Hawking

.screen_Cowboy Bebop | Lupin the 3rd

define irony

Some old, old composition studies (apparently from 2007) of Bullitt – I meant to get thru the whole movie but never did. And while I’m at it, some from Reality Bites. Winona Ryder, yes. Also, Ethan Hawke in this movie was totally my teenage emo role model.

Wish I had the time to do more of these.

Hana Zatanna Banana

Asterios Polyp. Go. Consume. Devour. Ingest. Absorb. Inhale.

Did I promise girls? I guess so. Not the ones I thought I was gonna post, but I had ’em so here they are.

I got the Chris Sprouse Modern Masters that just came out too. That guy’s a class act – and he talks a lot about the insecurities that plagued him – and consequently led to blown deadlines. It’s a familiar story. Sadly.

.print_Asterios Polyp

splash page


It’s finally up! Here’s what it looks like without the ad up top:

.print_Love & Rockets: The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S.

.sound_PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge

.screen_Disney/Dali: Destino

le macabre

So I’ve been opening up old unfinished digital stuff and noodling around with them. There’s a LOT of that stuff lying around. Next week, less skulls, moar girls. Expect these to get even more “sketchy”.

Also, if you haven’t yet, pick up Wednesday Comics. The lineup (with one horrible horrible exception – KD knows who I mean) is jaw droppingly stellar. PLUS one of the directors on the Avengers, Vinton Heuck is writing the Deadman strip with Dave Bullock. Check it out, it’s all good stuff.

.print_Wednesday Comics | Essential Avengers | Essential Thor | Flash Gordon

.screen_Eureka 7


.print_Seductive Espionage | Essential Avengers

.sound_MGMT | Arcade Fire | In Our Time podcast

Eureka 7

ve vant to suck your blud

Let’s see if we can do this weekly. I think part of the hassle of keeping a blog updated is finding something to say. Not that I don’t have things to say about what I’m posting today – I’d just rather not. Expect posts with nothing but images I guess is what I’m saying.

.print_Essential Avengers | Directing the Story

.sound_MGMT | Jimi Hendrix | School of Braja | Asha Bhosle | Shirley Ellis

.screen_Eureka Seven | FLCL


So I got a job. We get free life drawing on Tuesdays, which is nice when you can make it – these drawings are mostly from those sessions. Except the 40 minute pencil ones, and the Hulk, which is some silly old thing I had lying around and inked in about 5 minutes when I got home semi-tipsy today.

09’s been pretty good so far. Moar updates soon.

.print_Drawn to Life Vol 1 & 2

.sound_MGMT | YYYs

.screen_Up | Rome | Superman 1941