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random karma

Almost done reading The Fountainhead. I have a growing suspicion that Ayn Rand may be 50% full of it… but there’s something there, anyway. I wish I could be a Howard Roark, but I’m probably more of a Steven Mallory. And I don’t mind that.

Here’s some random randomness – and Mid-Nite Hour from Battle Hymn – to be inked and maybe colored for the 40’s thread.. eventually.

.print_The Fountainhead | Creative Illustration

.sound_Shaft[sdtk] | Superfly[sdtk] | Led Zeppelin[complete]

.screen_24: Redemption | Once

Here she is

Ms. America warmup sketch, for a 40’s thread over at drawingboard.org. Also a couple of those panels all inked and sepia colored.

Paintin’ drawin’ gradin’ eatin’ sleepin’. Good times.

.print_Ayn Rand [The Fountainhead] | Andrew Loomis [Creative Illustration]

.sound_Groove Armada [Sand Dunes] | Duffy [Rockferry] | Black Keys [I’ll Be Your Man]

.screen_24 Season 5


Busy. New table – adjustable to 90 degrees as opposed to the old 45 degree one. My back and neck will thank me one day… one day soon. On the table in that picture: Jackie Karma pages x2, Jackie Karma layouts, Jackie Karma black spotting and 2 ongoing warmup scraps.

On this post, right now currently: 2 warmup scraps.

.print_Ayn Rand[The Fountainhead]

.sound_Bebo Best[Sitar & Bossa] | PRI[To the Best of Our Knowledge]

.screen_Coraline | Slumdog Millionaire | 24

Feel Good Inc.

Just seeing the words “President Barack Obama” made my day this morning. Been keeping busy- this is fresh off the drawing table. Not Jackie Karma, but it’s paying the bills and I’m picking up a few tricks as I go. Little more of the Brunner/Latour thing seeping into my backgrounds, which I’m happy with.

They’re for a short in a 8.5×11 book, and drawn print-size for deadline reasons. My hand’s getting used to the cramping… I think.

Hey kids, if you’re really interested in the craft of comics – there’s a really nifty book called Working Methods that’s been out for a while. It showcases different artists’ processes in detail, including the man and legend himself, Chris Brunner. And while you’re at it, pick up Panel Discussions from TwoMorrows Publishing. Ask your parents before you call!

.print_ Trillo/Mandrafina[Spaghetti Bros. Vol.2] | Ayn Rand[The Fountainhead]

.sound_ Led Zeppelin | Kula Shaker | School of Braja | The Ink Spots

.screen_ 24

It’s all happening

Picked up Almost Famous for $5 the other day.. I forgot how good it was.. makes me think I gotta do some Penny Lane art!

But not today. Today we have digi scraps. Some atypical stuff from me, trying out things.

.sound_Bebo Best [Sitar & Bossa]

merry halloween

Not sure what happened with th’ Hector book – I’ve been to a comic shop maybe twice in the last 10 months or so… but here’s the piece I did for it. Two page spread, with the empty area for instructions on how to carve your very own turnip Jack O’ Lantern!

I picked up a 2nd hand Apple Cinema Display, which I have to say makes a big difference when you’re painting digitally (unfortunately the Hector piece was painted on a crappy HP LCD display). They do have known issues though, the entire 1/3 left side of my monitor is ever so slightly pink and off gamma… but that’s ok coz I’ve just learned to work with all my menus and toolbars on the left. I also did a little RAM upgrade recently – all in the interest of getting more consistent and efficient with digi painting. I’ll post some random experiments and things next time.

.print_ Mr. Popper’s Penguins | Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon V.4

.sound_ Oasis [Dig Out Your Soul] | Ratatat [LP3] | Coldplay [Viva La Vida]

pulse:: can you hear it?

Some recent doodles, an ancient oil portrait from my college days, and a little test mockup for something I ended up not working on. The goatee’s ancient history too.

Got a bunch of books from Amazon (yay gift card <3) - the one I was looking forward to most was Spaghetti Bros. Vol.1 by Carlos Trillo with flat out amazing work by Domingo Mandrafina. I discovered Mandrafina on accident when I found another of his and Trillo’s books The Big Hoax at a used book store – and I’ve desperately been trying to find more of his work since. Thanks, IDW!

.print_Scorchy Smith and the art of Noel Sickles | Spaghetti Bros. Vol.1 | The Education of a Comics Artist

.sound_Bonobo | Kula Shaker | O Brother Where Art Thou [sdtk] | Hamish & Andy [podcast]

.screen_Death at a Funeral | The Good, The Bad and the Weird

not dead

Some life drawing from this week. 5-20mins. Also, yay Obama – boo California.


I have a piece in this, because they asked, and because they are awesomely talented, and it’s an honor:


Written by Benito Cereno, art and cover by Nate Bellgarde.

The creative team behind Invncible Presents: Atom Eve return to their original creation, a modern-day member of an ancient cult whose duties dictate that he roam the earth to protect the living from the dead…and occasionally to protect the dead from the living. It’s the follow-up to the book WIZARD MAGAZINE called one of the top 200 comics released during its publication history.

48 pages, $5.99, in stores on Nov. 5.

Jess Fink, Dean Trippe, Scott Wegener, John Campbell- all of whom are also awesome, possum.

This is the cover, by the immensely enormously talented Nate “Popeye arms” Bellegarde:

And here are some production scraps for my piece. Benito isn’t showing the full guest pieces, so I probably shouldn’t either, even if only 5 people read my blog.

Also, in other news, I’m teaching part-time for the Academy of Art University’s online education program. It’s pretty fun, and also in my blood since both of my parents are professors (proper ones with PhDs and everything) at the University of the Philippines.

.print_[John Singer Sargent|artbook]

.sound_[Darjeeling Ltd.|soundtrack]

.screen_[King of Kong|documentary]

Fat Samurai v Skinny Jungle Girl… go!

Just some doodles I did tonight. That is all!

Why, Hello There

Hey look, things! MTV has a comics/movie blog thing at http://splashpage.mtv.com – I got asked to do one of the hat/background things.. I don’t know when mine is going to be up, there’s a list of some notable comic names that are doing them so.. I’ll show the full complete thing when it’s up… In any case I got to play with the MTV logo, and here’s the inks I did for it too

Also, easier links to that interview I mentioned since it’s archived by now:
Part 1
Part 2

.print_The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

.sound_Duffy [Rockferry] | O Brother Where Art Thou [soundtrack]

.screen_Wall-E | The Dark Knight | You Were Never Lovelier

Feed the Hungry

.. have fun, and learn something along the way too. Win-win if you ask me.

http://freerice.com/index.php – vocabulary related questions, each correct response donates 20 grains of rice.

– geography game, the closer you are to the location, the more water gets donated.

They’re both pretty fun and educational, and you don’t feel bad for wasting your time playing online games afterwards. There’s also one that donates flour, but it was buggy and had some dubious advert spamming, so I’m not too sure about it.

Since I’m posting, here’s something I never finished, started when B.Clay Moore was looking for “robot” art for his newborn’s room/nursery. That must have been at least a year ago now, if not longer… I fail. But I fed some people I hope.

In the sea there is a fish

Sometimes I forget to do warmups, because y’know.. there’s never time. And then I sit there struggling thru work with “cold” hands wondering why the hell I can’t draw anymore. Last night I remembered! So here’s a warmup of sorts that turned into a portrait.. of sorts.

Thanks for the comments, friends, will reply when I’m feeling more myself.

.sound_PRI – To the Best of our Knowledge

.screen_2 Days in Paris

Shut your mouth

Just talkin’ ’bout scraps~

Tossed in my Photoshop workspace to fill some blank white space.
nada much to say today. Kids, remember, conducting business when you haven’t had sleep is a bad idea! And always brush your teeth.

What it is

..what it is. The last cover, even though we still have 5 issues to put out.

And hey lookit, Clay’s posted all 8 up at the Image forums. Kinda fun to see the progression, I’ve definitely learned a lot about painting and my process along the way.

Still got a lot to learn, but it’s gratifying that the first cover is the “worst” one. Apparently 6 is everyone’s fave, despite the fact that I had to turn out those colors overnight and it’s at best 25% done… haha. I’ve got a lot of work to do on it before the actual issue 6 goes out. Oh well.
I’ll cobble together the scraps for this cover for the next post hopefully.

*ps – that “QB” graf is supposed to read “CB” – but I am lame. Sorry, Be. I’ll fix it for print!

.sound_Dasi | M.Ward | Francoise Hardy

.screen_The Squid and the Whale | Shaun of the Dead | Paris Je’Taime

Scrappy Doo

Some scraps from issue 5, just like it says, nothing fancy, very scrappy.

Cover to the last issue (8/8) and/or scraps for it next time. It’s a little strange to be doing the final cover, but it’s my favorite one I think. More my vibe than the others I’ve done – although I had a lot of fun designing Issue 5’s poster cover too.