Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

218 April Karai Talk

Karai wants to talk

316 Why Slash

Clash of the Mutanimals

207 Chimera

Chimera, turducken. Potato, tomato.

322 Lab Hijinks

They’re collectibles, Mikey.

402 Fight

Mikey learns about gravity.

402 Sal Commander

More actiony fun with gravity

402 Mona Lisa v Raph

Raph falls in love.

322 Creepattack

Leo gets ambushed. BUSHED get it, he’s a plant.

322 Creepwake

Short and creepy

219 Savanti Tower

Temporal Hijinks

218 Casey v Tclaw Pt1

Someone call PETA

218 Casey v Tclaw Pt2

Rooftop greenhouse stuff

402 Fugitoid v Mona

Fugitoid abandons pacifism.

218 Casey & April Run

April and Casey on the run. Don’t get too cocky, Casey.

209 Splinter Kung Fu

Also Casey and Raph’s bromance begins